Aqua Drum 55 Filter


Having recently fitted an Aqua Drum 55 to a 14000g Koi Pond i have to say that this is the best Koi Filter to come on the market in many years and is a huge step forward in seive drum filter technology.

Aqua Drum 55 Koi Filter

This high quality drum filter has many new ideas incorporated into it for the same price as other drums on the market with far lesser flow rates. The Aqua Drum is complete with its own pumps and motors so requires no additional plumbing unlike other systems in the drum filter market. The new design control panel can be installed in minutes with limited electrical knowledge.

Why Should I Buy The Aqua Drum 55 Koi Pond Filter ??

  • Auto safety cut out switch when lid is opened.
  • Larger drum screen gives longer cleaning intervals
  • Internal pumps and plumbing all done ready to run
  • 5 bar pressure at the cleaning nozzels not at the pump.
  • Auto low level water cut out which turns off anything pluged into the control panel.
  • Control panel which is just plug and play


  • Base Size: Width 90cm/900mm x Depth 72cm/720mm
  • Overall Size at the top: Width 1mtr X depth:82cm/820mm
  • Height:78cm/780mm
  • Inlets:4 x 110cm/110mm
  • Outlets:4 x 110cm/110mm
  • Waste Outlet:1 x 110cm 110mm
  • Drum Screen Size:50cm/500mm Dia x 60cm/600mm 70 Micron
  • Drain:1.5 inch
  • Max Flow Rate:55m3 or 12,100 gallons or 55000ltrs
Aqua Drum 55 Filter

Here an Aqua Drum 55 has been incorporated into this revamp filtration system for 14000g Koi Pond