Hazorea Koi Farm

Koi4Sale hand select all there small koi for sale from Hazorea Aquatics Biosekoi Facility

BioseKoi are the only Koi in the world to be produced in a completely Biosecure environment, custom-built to provide 100% protection against all diseases. Every Koi you receive remains from birth to shipment in a completely isolated and enclosed system at a regulated temperature, – your 100% guarantee against dormant viruses. BioseKoi are sustained in non-sterile systems that are constantly monitored for parasites and bacteria. They can therefore never infect your existing stock. They have never been exposed to viruses and have never been vaccinated or immunized so they are completely virus free. BioseKoi are spawned throughout the year, so all sizes are available all throughout the season. Of course, popular sizes may be sold out during the season, causing temporary shortages. BioseKoi are grown in an intensive recirculating system and are constantly handled, so they are less shy, less prone to stress, and adjust quickly to new surroundings. Your BioseKoi will thrive in warm conditions or under the ice in winter.

BioseKoi are bred from meticulously selected Broodstock that come from Japan and from our own production. Your Koi are born to parent fish that have been specially chosen for their blood lines and genetic properties.

BioseKoi are graded and sized according to a standard rarely adopted by the trade. This means you can sell larger and better quality Koi for the same size than most of your competition.

BioseKoi are spawned and raised by professional staff with years of experience. Every Koi you receive has been meticulously chosen after going through our continuous sorting, grading and culling procedures.